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Riskwell’s risk management software, Riskwell Protect™, is the centre point of the Riskwell decision and risk management ecosystem. Protect is the tool that drives organisations to put risk at the heart of their decision making and facilitates current best practice in risk management, for example the demolition of siloes and multi-tagging providing the ability to analyse risks at every level and function.



High performing businesses manage their risk profile well through:


  • Collaboration across the business (instead of of risk siloes)
  • Good data – up to date as well as quality
  • Analysis driven decision making without delay
  • Mitigation optionality and close-out management
  • Adherence to recognised best practice standards, for instance ISO31000



Our innovative risk management software, Riskwell Protect™:


  • Is designed to help achieve top level risk management maturity
  • Focuses risk activities on collaboration, evergreen data, improved decision-making and action closeout, markedly improving project delivery and business performance.
  • Is a secure SaaS product so customers benefit from regular upgrades and new, client-led features, included within the licence fee.
  • Provides leading edge functionality at a highly competitive price.





Riskwell Protect has been designed, by practitioners, with experience of corporate and major project risk management across multiple industries, as an element of a proven methodology which we have named The Riskwell Way.


Linking risks to objectives

Better Decisions: Better Outcomes TM


Protect Benefits


Improved return on investment – can improve business performance by at least 10% to 25%


Better outcomes – projects, performance, sales and outputs


Customer and employee satisfaction – improves team working and decision-making


Business strategy aligned with delivery – better meeting shareholder expectations


Improved compliance and audit tracking

Risk management application

Riskwell Protect

Leading Edge Risk Mangement Software Platform

  • Advanced, performance-based risk mitigation software that saves significant time and money on the delivery of major projects
  • Combination of powerful models with intuitive dashboards, allowing quick adoption by management and operational teams, resulting in best-in-class return on investment
  • Cloud-based system, updated automatically and accessible from anywhere
  • Allows companies to mitigate risks effectively through enhanced visibility of threats and opportunities and management of control measures across their portfolios, programmes and projects
  • Facilitates an improved, focused risk culture
  • Clear dashboards, so users can actively close mitigations and eliminate risk
  • Focused on closing mitigations effectively, thereby eliminating risk
  • Creates a culture of honest reporting, leading to clear and effective decision-making
  • Uses quantitative impacts and statistical, precise modelling
  • Employs clear reporting, leading to more effective decision-making
  • Easy to use – leading to high user interaction

Key Features

  • Home-page that is fully customisable to the user role and that will display specific alerts, favourites and recently viewed mitigation/risk registers and reports
  • Risk registers that are easy to use and give instant access to mitigations
  • Mitigation registers with full impact aggregation allowing for detailed Monte Carlo analysis

  • Investment dashboards with histograms, s-curves and tornado maps analytics
  • Scenario planning dashboards that allow users to generate what-if scenarios; ideal for mitigation planning and decision-making
  • Bespoke report designer module with a suite of 20 initial reports
  • Administrator dashboard allowing full system setup; includes example templates, registers, impact tables, dashboards and report formats
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