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Riskwell Consultancy Services

In addition to our software products, Riskwell is also a risk consultancy offering a unique set of services targeted at improving business return on investment and operational performance. We offer a range of risk, transformation and project services that put risk management at the forefront of everything you do.

Better Decisions: Better Outcomes TM

Riskwell Consultants

Many software systems fail to enhance business performance due to poor implementation. In some instances, a deeper understanding of risk principles, analytics and data presentation can lead to significantly better outcomes. Our consultants can help you along that journey.


- Better Decisions: Better Outcomes

Our Services

It is recognised that using sophisticated risk management software systems, supported by both internal and external organisational capacity, can double the success rate of how a business develops and grows.

The use of external risk consultants can add useful checks and balances. It can also challenge an organisation by ensuring all threats and opportunities are identified and assessed, with appropriate action plans implemented correctly.

Risk Training

Transformation programmes that are targeted at embedding risk into everything you do.

transformation consulting

Integrated risk training that covers the boardroom to the shopfloor.

Project leadership and management services.

Audit tracking to ensure compliance to ISO 9001 and continuous improvement.

Additional Riskwell Protect implementation services.

Business Transformation

Within Riskwell we believe business transformation is
critically important. We can provide highly experienced consultants who work in transformation and organisational development.

Project Leadership

There is a big difference between project engineering, project management and project leadership. Effective project leadership requires at least a 75% time commitment to manage
team members’ behaviours. Our consultants are equally at home advising on governance frameworks as they are on the human aspects of delivery.

Training and Development

Riskwell training and development programmes are designed to be factual, clear and consistent, to bring increased organisation capability and effectiveness. Training includes:

  • Value of risk culture within a business

  • Risk principles

  • Managing risks

  • Risk workshops

  • Reporting and active decision-making

  • How to embed a risk culture into everything you do

Audit and Compliance

With the emergence of risk compliance in ISO 9001 it has become critically important for organisations to demonstrate their focus on risk management in everything they do. Being able to evidence risk decision-making, planning, auditing and recording is now part of ISO 9001. Riskwell consultants can help assist organisations in achieving and retaining this certification.

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Consultants and Resellers

We always seek to work with leading talent. If you are a leading consultant, trainer or quality software provider, contact us to find out how you can significantly benefit by joining Riskwell on this exciting journey. All enquiries are treated in commercial confidence.