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Riskwell Prime is groundbreaking software designed to transform the way organisations manage risks by enabling the seamless linkage of risks to company and project objectives. Riskwell Prime complements our core risk management product, Riskwell Protect.


Riskwell Prime leverages advanced technology and industry expertise to address a crucial aspect of risk management that has long been overlooked. By bridging the gap between risks and strategic goals, Riskwell Prime empowers organisations to navigate uncertainties and make informed decisions that propel them towards success.



High performing businesses align their risks to corporate and project objectives:


  • Categorising, filtering, weighting and reporting risks by corporate or project objectives
  • Using objective-based risk management to drive better decisions
  • Adhering to recognised best practice standards, for instance ISO31000



Riskwell Prime enhances our innovative and core risk management software, Riskwell Protect™, which focuses risk activities on:


  • Collaboration
  • Evergreen, honest data
  • Packaging information for better decision-making
  • Mitigation action closeout





Riskwell Prime has been designed, by practitioners, with experience of corporate and major project risk management across multiple industries, as an element of a proven methodology which we have named The Riskwell Way.


Better Decisions: Better Outcomes TM


Prime Benefits


Ensures risk management efforts are aligned with the organisation's strategic direction and project goals.


Enables the prioritisation of risks based on their potential impact on business and project objectives, allowing for focused risk mitigation efforts.


Enhances communication with stakeholders by explicitly demonstrating how risks can affect the organisation's ability to meet its goals and fostering trust.


Facilitates the development of effective risk mitigation plans specific to the identified risks that could jeopardise project objectives.


Provides a basis for measuring project performance and evaluating the effectiveness of risk management strategies in relation to project objectives.


Maintains a clear focus on achieving project objectives by understanding and addressing risks that could potentially impact project success.


Provides decision-makers with a clearer understanding of the potential consequences and trade-offs associated with different choices, facilitating informed decision-making.


Supports informed decision-making throughout the business and project lifecycle by evaluating risks and their potential impact on objectives.


Enhances stakeholder engagement by involving them in discussions about risk tolerance, mitigation strategies and project trade-offs, fostering collaboration and trust.


Supports efficient allocation of resources by directing them towards managing the most critical risks that can impact business and project objectives.


Allows for the monitoring of progress and evaluation of the effectiveness of risk management activities in relation to business and project objectives, facilitating performance optimisation.

Risk management application

Riskwell Prime

Linking risks to objectives

  • Pairwise comparison – enabling risk impacts to be compared against each other, determining their relative importance in relation to company, joint venture and project objectives.
  • Impact weighting – providing a factor to each impact based on the pairwise comparisons.
  • Weighted risk score – adding to the standard risk score by providing a risk score weighted on impact importance thus aligning the risk score to objectives
  • Integrated with Riskwell Protect - our leading risk management software

Key Features

  • Pairwise analysis templates
  • Impact weighting and consistency ratio algorithms
  • Pre-mitigated, post-mitigated and current weighted risk scores
  • Dynamic filtering and reporting
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