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- Transformational decision and risk management software and consulting

Better Decisions: Better Outcomes

Riskwell's leading decision and risk management software and consulting helps companies improve their return on investment whilst meeting their strategic objectives and managing their daily operations efficiently.

This is because our innovative software suite democratises decision and risk management, leading to better decisions and better outcomes.

Furthermore, our consulting services provide best practice expertise through leadership and decision and risk management training, risk management assurance, transformation services and connected competency practitioners.

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- Riskwell Protect

Riskwell Protect

We are disrupting the risk management software market by taking risk software beyond the digital versions of traditional risk management practices and enabling companies to put risk at the core of their decision-making processes.


This is achieved through a design philosophy that chiefly focuses on collaboration, evergreen data, alignment of risks to company objectives and the management of mitigation close-out.


Riskwell Protect:

  • Is an advanced, performance-based risk mitigation software platform
  • Removes silos and allows teams to manage risks and actions effectively at a strategic level and across departments, portfolios, programmes and projects
  • Combines powerful analytics with reporting dashboards to enable improved decision making
  • Is a cloud-based Software as a Service (SAAS) solution
  • Is industry agnostic


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Riskwell Protect

- Riskwell Software Suite

What can Riskwell software do for your business?

Riskwell has designed a software suite that benefits all areas of major project delivery, from strategic management to operational activities and compliance. Regardless of your role or status, we believe that you should have the full picture of any risks that impact your decisions.

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Risk management Reporting
Risk management Analysis
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The following benefits can be achieved:

  • Significantly lower insurance premiums (by up to 25%)
  • Improve project performance in terms of costs, schedule and performance (by up to 30%)
  • Improve supply chain performance by substantially reducing the blind spots, hiddens and unknowns
  • Enhance team performance and also alignment
  • Reduce conflict as well as organisational entropy
  • Lessen stakeholder negativity and conflict
  • Boost Investor / analyst confidence in the business
  • Better align business strategy with delivery in order to meet shareholder expectations
  • Ensure audit tracking and compliance

Price and Return on Investment

Our software is priced to break down risk silos thus enabling the democratisation of decision and risk management.

Furthermore, our lean structure allows Riskwell to deliver innovative, feature-rich, class-leading software at a very affordable, great value price.

Additionally, out intuitive interfaces and easy configuration options provide speedy implementation and self-reliance, resulting in a fast return on your investment.


Riskwell software

Good People + Good Process + Good Systems = Good Decision and Risk Management

- Riskwell Consultancy Services

Riskwell provides consultants with connected competency coupled with the drive to improve your business performance

Our consultants have a wealth of knowledge that can help you transform your people, processes and systems to be best in class and, furthermore, deliver a step change in company performance.

Additionally, our consultants have practical experiences across utilities, oil and gas, telecommunications, retail, logistics, infrastructure, engineering, government, transportation and more.

Risk Training


– our training services include:

Decision and risk management (concepts, theory and practical)

Leadership skills

Practical project management

transformation consulting


– our transformation services include:

Improving risk culture

Improving decisions and risk management process

Enhancing staff knowledge

Maximising system benefits


– our consulting services provide:

Project delivery SMEs

Risk Management SMEs

Leadership support, mentoring and coaching

Connected competency practitioners


– our assurance and audit services will review your current processes to ensure:

Robustness in risk identifications, assessment and reporting

Compliance to ISO 9001 and continuous improvement.


– our implementation services deliver:

Software training

Best Practice configuration


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