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Partnering with Riskwell

Through partnering with Riskwell, our partner organisations help us extend the depth and breadth of our reach through their own unique expertise and complementary offerings. Partnering is a key part of the Riskwell ecosystem.


We partner with organisations across the globe, and in many sectors including:


  • Energy
  • Engineering
  • Construction
  • Infrastructure
  • Transport
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Retail


Our software products and consultancy services are industry agnostic so, wherever your reach extends to, a partnership with Riskwell can bring value to you and your clients.



Better Decisions: Better Outcomes TM

If you are an Agent, VAR, Distributor or Consultant and would like to learn more about partnering with Riskwell, please contact us for more information.


If Riskwell’s software products and consultancy services would enhance your own solutions, then let’s investigate the opportunity of becoming Technical Partners.



-Riskwell Partnerships

Riskwell Partnerships

The Partnering Proposition

Riskwell works closely with its carefully selected partner network. Together, we empower our customers to use Decision and Risk Management (DRM) to make better decisions leading to better outcomes.

Our industry-leading DRM software suite, coupled with the Riskwell Way methodology, enables our partners to expand their value propositions for the benefit of their current clients and to grow their market presence.



Value-Added Reseller (VAR)

Riskwell has a growing network of direct and value-added resellers (VARs) who take our software products and thought leadership to their own markets. They do this to benefit their clients by helping them embed Decision and Risk Management (DRM) throughout their organisations. VARs sell Riskwell software licences and provide implementation services and training.


Riskwell agents are carefully selected trusted partners who, while not experts in Decision and Risk Management (DRM) themselves, nevertheless fully understand the value and outcomes Riskwell’s DRM methodology and software suite can bring to their clients. Riskwell agents are crucial to growing our brand and network and therefore they and their clients receive our full corporate support.

Technology Partner

The Riskwell software suite enables easy integration with complementary third-party software tools and systems. Technology partners work with Riskwell to integrate their own software platforms to our Decision and Risk Management (DRM) suite. By adding DRM capabilities to their platforms, Riskwell technology partners enhance their offerings to provide additional benefits for their clients. Together, we aim for our integrated software solutions to be stronger than the sum of their respective parts.

Consulting Partners

Riskwell’s consulting partners are already experts in risk management, transformation and project leadership. Through their deep skills and experience, they are perfectly qualified to deliver the Riskwell Way methodology and Riskwell software to help clients make better decisions leading to better outcomes. Where needed, this includes assisting organisations in meeting their ISO 9000 quality management obligations.

Become a Riskwell Partner

At Riskwell we work closely with our partners on the basis that their success is our success. Our partners receive full support from our rich onboarding process onwards.

This support includes:

  • Training in Riskwell’s Decision and Risk Management (DRM)  methodology (‘The Riskwell Way‘).
  • Riskwell software and implementation training.
  • Sales and support collateral for their own rebranding.
  • Use of Riskwell’s marketing and thought-leadership initiatives such as videos, articles, blog posts, webinars, events and more. ​
  • Complementary marketing and social media initiatives.​
  • A dedicated partner portal offering direct communications with Riskwell in addition to collaboration and shared resources across the whole Riskwell partner ecosystem.

Our Latest Partners

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